Zasha Sepulveda is a senior physics major at the University of Washington. Originally from Toppenish, Washington, Zasha led the UW women’s boxing team to the national team championship (NCBA) in 2017 by winning the women’s title at 132lb. Zasha is currently focusing on her education while continuing to coach at Seattle Boxing Gym on Capitol Hill.

"Muhammad Ali once said,'Suffer now and live the rest of your life as a champion.'I am a champion." -Zasha Sepulveda

"I've always thought that being a boxer isn't who I am, it just adds to my identity. And so people think that because I'm a boxer I have to be this tough and super-tomboy type of girl, but I've always been a girl. I've always liked pink. I've always liked sparkles. I get my nails done. Being a boxer just gives me the skill to box, fight in the ring. It doesn't change the fact that I like pink." -Zasha Sepulveda

"I achieved what I wanted to achieve through boxing when I first tried. I wanted to be a team captain.I wanted to be an all-American.I wanted to be a national winner and hold a national title.I've achieved all those.Now I’m going to focus on other goals.I want to focus on education.I want to focus on making robotic prosthetics."-Zasha Sepulveda