Ondrea Robinson is a Sophomore at the University of Washington and was a member of the Husky Boxing Team in 2017-2018. In 2018, the National Collegiate Boxing Association (NCBA) only had 9 weight classes for women (112/119/125/132/139/147/156/165lbs) and no heavyweight division, so Ondrea had no opportunity to fight. That did not stop Ondrea from trying out and making the Husky Boxing Team. Ondrea fought and won her first fight at the West Coast Wonder Woman tournament held in Sooke, Canada in 2018.

“Sometimes I think the last one of my strengths is that I’ve been training, lifting weights, and sparring with a lot of men for a really long time.  Because of my size I have some power.” -Ondrea Robinson

“I guess it really bothers me when people don't think about boxing. If you're not thinking about boxing, talking about it, coming up with strategies,  watching boxing or watching other people... you’re not putting some sort of thought into it, you're only doing half the work.” - Ondrea Robinson