Tegan Hamilton is an Australian artist currently working in Seattle. She completed her Masters of Fine Arts in 2011. Tegan is an active member of the Australian and Seattle glass blowing communities, working with internationally recognized glass artists in Australia and abroad. Tegan is also the current president of the Seattle Grizzlies Australian Rules Football Club and is training to become a certified personal trainer.

My life looks hectic from the outside but in reality, all these different compartments and experiences are really what bring life to both me and my art. “-Tegan Hamilton

“I'm pretty competitive and I've always wanted to push myself.  I really strive to learn and be as technically proficient as I can be. But, as soon as I don't feel engaged, I find it really hard to stick around. Glass is one of the most challenging mediums out there and the first medium that I've picked up where even after 15 years of experience I still don’t feel like I can do anything I want in the medium.” -Tegan Hamilton  

"My experience playing footie fed my desire to work out, which inspired me to revisit the human form and muscle structures that I’ve always gravitated towards."-Tegan Hamilton